Пользовательский интерфейс
- ePad II implementation
- Fixed Mag stripe increase when dropped 
- Canon SDK 2.15 implementation for automatic mode
- Control Font Option Black through script
- Change Text Item Letter Spacing through scripts
- Barcode character “@” view problem fixed
- Barcode intervelead 2 of 5 (add check digit MOD 10)
- New Event before print and after keyboard input. (Before preparing card)
- Added Inkjet category
- Text bug at higher DPI's
- Selecting Camera’s Best Resolution
- On New Document Couldn't Read Selected .cardModel Version (xl.xml)
- Incorrect space between text (Arial) when increasing size
- Layout not changed after printing fixed
- Fix change text item point size when changing the size in decimal

Print Issues
- Read magnetic stripe during print
- Evolis Avansia implementation

База данных
- Date fields problem with MS Access fixed
- Increase Number of Records shown in Dabatase Find
- Database Counter Largest Value - Excel and Access

Кодирование карт 

- SLE encoding with Identive SDI0X implementation in API2
- Omnikey SLE API Implementation
- Allow printer script API to move card to any position
- SRTAG64K Implementation - NFC Tag4 ***
- DESFire Master Key cannot be changed with AES fixed
- HID Prox Implementation
- Crazy Writer Mifare Key B error
- ISO15693 Implementation
- Cloud 4000 F Contactless encoder is being recognized as Contact
- Added Compatible SLE 4442 ATR’s
- SCM encoders doesn't recognize Mifare Cards
- Mifare Wizard Write from Database to a Mifare classic tag

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